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Welcome to Watt Samakki-Dhammikaram, a Cambodian Buddhist Temple !

Watt Samakki-Dhammikaram is a Buddhist temple serving mostly Cambodian community in New York/New Jersey area. We are located at 26 Rugby Rd. Brooklyn, NY 11226 and our phone number is (718) 856-8918. Anyone interested in Khmer culture or Buddhism is always welcomed. Your donation to support our Temple either by check or online is greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much everyone for stopping by!

Kathina 2022 

Thank you very much Everyone for being part of 2022 Kathin.  We have a total contribution of $16,764.00 for our temple support. Thank you very much for your love for our temple and your love for the Buddhism.

Bon Pka Samakki 2022

Thank you very much everyone for your kind contribution. We received a total of $13,550.00 for our temple support.

KanBen/PchumBen 2022

Thank you very much Everyone for joining us during this past KanBen/PchumBen period. We really appreciate your moral and financial support for our temple. Your total generous contribution is $12,000.00 

Khmer New Year 2023

Thank you very much everyone for your kind contribution. We received a total of $7,626.00 for our temple support.

As always, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your moral and financial supports which keep our Temple and our community going stronger and stronger every day. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please talk to our President or our Board Members  at the end of any major event or anytime at all by informing us in advance. We always welcome your constructive comments and suggestions. Please remember that this Temple belongs to everyone, as such we want to preserve it for our future generations to enjoy.




Warmest regards,


Watt Samakki



Upcoming Events

Vesak Puja celebration 2022 at Watt Samakki

Buddha Five Precepts

The Budhha 5 precepts are:

1 - Do Not Kill living beings
2 - Do Not Take what is not offered
3 - Do Not Engage in sexual misconduct
4 - Do Not Speak falsehoods
5 - Do Not Take intoxicants


Cambodian New Year 2022 at Watt Samakki

Pictures from recent events at Watt Samakki

Khmer New Year 2022, Watt Samakki
Pictures from Kathina ceremony  Watt Samakki 2022
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