​Ven. Rithy just joined us on September 3rd, 2019. He came from Kg Cham Province of Cambodia. He is a teacher in Khmer language, Buddhism and Meditation. He is fluent in several languages including Khmer, English and Thai.

Mr. Sim Thy


Mr. Sim Thy has been Archar and long time supporter of the Temple.

Mr. Sarun Touch


He is currently the active Achar for the Temple.

Mr. Reth Phum

Assistant Achar

Mr.Reth Phum is a long time member of Watt Samakki. He and his wife are great help to us whenever we have any event at our temple.

Mr. Eap Pang

Assistant Achar

Mr. Eap Pang is a long time member of Watt Samakki. He and his wife are great help to us whenever we have any event at our temple.

Executive President

Mr. Sambath In enlisted in the Marine Corps in July 1992 and retired as a Major in November 2016. He did three deployments to the Mediterranean Sea. He had an opportunity to work with foreign militaries and visited the countries and cities within the region as a young Marine. His duty stationed consist of: three times at Camp Lejeune, NC; Camp Fuji, Japan and three times in Okinawa, Japan. In 1998, he spent three years as a recruiter in Staten Island, NY.


As an officer Mr. In was assigned as an Executive Officer of Food Service Company twice and twice as a Company Commander. In 2005 Mr. In deployed to Iraq for six months as Food Service Detachment Commander.


During his time as Food Service Officer (FSO) of 2nd MarDiv, he deployed to Iraq from January 2007 to February 2008 as Multi-National Force West FSO in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom 06-08. Also, he deployed to Afghanistan for six months, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, and Cambodia. During his assignment to Headquarters Battalion at Camp Lejeune, he was assigned as an Analyst; worked in Business Performance Office. His last assignment was in Okinawa as a III MEF FSO. Currently, he employed at Thomas Jefferson High School Campus as Senior Marine Instructor for Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. His education: yellow and green belt in Lean Six Sigma; received an Associate Degree in General Studies, Bachelor degree in Health and Sports Science.

Vice-President & Construction Committee Member

Mr. Meng So migrated to the United States after Vietnam invaded Cambodia in 1979. In 1983, he arrived and settled in Brooklyn, New York. He studied English as second language and joined the American work forces.

In 2012, Mr. So offered his services his services to the temple by assisting in taking care of the temple's ground. Later in 2013, Mr. So was offered a position as a Vice President (VP). He held the VP position until the temple election's on 11/16/2019. Now he is offered a VP position again by Mr. In.

Mr. So is married Mrs. Sahoeun Duong for forty years. He has four lovely children, two boys and two girls: Samoeuth So, Sameth So, Christina So and Eileen Duong.

Mr. Samana Soth

Vice-President & Construction Committee Member

Mr. Samana Soth is a great asset for our temple. He is part of the construction team which made possible all the renovation projects that took place at this small temple.

Mr. Samun Mon is a long time supporter of our temple. Now it's quite good that he can be an Adviser to his own nephew, Mr. Sambath In.

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